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From A to Z

June 22, 2009


Thank you to everyone who attended and contributed to our showroom shortcuts wrap up sessions during the late-shift of Living Landscapes this week (especially Zoe Laughlin for her microscopic interventions). 

We have packed up over two hundred cue cards of power-points, drawings, gestures, objects, and  microscopic images (mainly the terrain of Mike Pearson’s head) and are heading to Zagreb to reconfigure the material within PSi 15. For details of our shift at the conference please visit: 

Our mismapping A-Z for the two conferences will also be published in the latest edition of the journal Frakcija




Showroom Short Cuts @ Living Landscapes

June 18, 2009

showroom mosquito sticker 35mm

As part of the Living Landscapes Conference starting today, Showroom will present Showroom Short Cuts. Members of Showroom and guests will choose their individual routes through each day of the conference, employing a variety of techniques and technologies to map, document and trace the events taking place. As a working hypothesis, we will imagine the conference itself as a landscape to navigate through. Among the things we collect will be objects, microscopic images, gestures, drawings and powerpoint slides. From these an index of the conference will be developed that will provide stimulus for daily wrap-up sessions that aim to enable new perspectives on the conference and the issues it addresses by presenting different journeys through the conference day: what have I missed, what else has happened, how have other people experienced the same event?